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Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering News

  • Tufts engineers make metamaterials that manipulate microwave energy in ways conventional materials cannot.

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  • Tufts Community Union Senate president-elect Amma Agyei, E22, discusses her campaign and goals during a WCVB CityLine feature profile.

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  • Priyanka Ram, MSIM ’20 + MS in Biomedical Engineering ’21, leveraged TGI and the School of Engineering’s Dual Degree program to bridge her interests and challenge the status quo.

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  • Roger Gu, E20, is the first Jumbo to qualify for the competition.

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  • Frank C. Doble Professor of Engineering Fiorenzo Omenetto joins "Top of Mind" to discuss the SilkLab's work to create leather-like material from silk proteins.

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  • Silk proteins formed fibers, crosslinks, and iron complexes similar to those used by the sea creatures.

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  • Tufts biomedical engineers win worldwide grant competition for innovation in cellular agriculture.

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  • Tufts University has been selected to join the Association of American Universities (AAU), a consortium of America’s leading research universities noted for their accomplishments in education, research, and innovation.

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  • Colin Seeley, E21, describes his participation in the ROTC program and explains why the program was critical to his growth throughout his time at Tufts.

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