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Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering News

  • Engineers at Tufts have developed biomaterial-based inks that respond to and quantify chemicals released from the body or in the surrounding environment by changing color.

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  • Tufts TRIPODS Institute names graduate research fellows and summer research undergraduates for 2020.

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  • A team led by Tufts biomedical engineers developed a 3D contusion model that could be used to study the effects of traumatic brain injuries.

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  • A team of researchers from the School of Engineering, the School of Medicine, and physicians at Tufts Medical Center have developed a method using fluorescence to detect pre-cancerous metabolic and physical changes in epithelial cells.

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  • PhD student Sara Rudolph and classmates in her Medicinal Chemistry class quickly pivoted to studying COVID-19 this spring.

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  • Engineers and researchers design unique in vitro model to study the causes and treatments of neurological disease.

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  • An NIH grant powers collaborative stem cell and silk research on Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • The School of Engineering congratulates 11 staff members who were nominated for Tufts Distinction Awards.

  • Assistant Professor Srivalleesha Mallidi and the iBITLab are using sound and light waves to better understand tumors and to direct treatment.

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