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Contact Info

Halligan Hall - Room 210
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

Tel: 617-627-5191

Vo Van Toi
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Design of non-invasive, in-vivo and outpatient-centered devices and the applications of electronic, mechanical, micro-engineering and optical engineering in vision and ophthalmology fields. These new devices are developed for commercial viability and/or utilized as novel tools for physiological and clinical investigations to understand mechanisms of certain diseases.

Current projects include:

  • Eye Medication Delivery – devices were developed to automatically deliver small volume droplets with more frequently to eyes and to measure blinking rates – these systems improve medication absorption and maintain the steady states of these medications in the eye, they also allow for the study of the effects of this delivery method and assessments of visual eyestrain for frequent computer users;
  • Retinal Blood Flow – psychophysical methods are used to measure retinal blood flow and the size of the zone in the fovea without blood vessels – these methods are used to assess eye diseases;
  • Effects of LSD in Visual Mechanisms – past LSD abusers experience abnormal sensitivity to flickering light - the effects of this substance on the brain and visual mechanism is under study;
  • Healthcare Information Technology Network – an Internet network is being developed to facilitate communication between patients, healthcare providers, measurement instruments and laboratories.

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