Research Overview

The TERC Research Approach

Foundational Research

The Foundational Research consists primarily of Technology Research & Development Projects focused on the continued advancement of our research in biomaterials and bioreactors. Collaborative Projects related to specific applications of either our advanced biomaterials or bioreactors are direct spin-offs from this foundational research. Most of our Service Projects are derived from our capacity to provide expertise in Tissue Engineering principles through continued technology development. The continued advancement of Foundational Research is tied to the successful development of Enabling Technologies and Translational Research, which then inform the further improvements in the design and characterization of the biomaterials and bioreactors developed and utilized in the Center.

Enabling Technology

The development of Enabling Technologies consists of both Technology Research & Development Projects and Collaborative Projects built on the success of the Foundational Research. Aspects of each TR&D are combined to develop tissue-specific constructs that replicate native tissues in measured biochemical, biomechanical, and metabolic phenotypes.

Translational Research

While still grounded in our Foundational Research, projects in this aspect of the Center are conducted primarily through Collaborative Projects funded through secondary sources. Once specific constructs have been established as appropriate tissue surrogates, their utility as models of disease are exploited.