Services & Training

Services & Training


Core service laboratories provide support, assistance and resources associated with: biomaterials (preparation, chemical modifications, processing in to scaffolds, biomechanical testing, biocompatibility characterization, biophysical characterization), cell culture techniques for a range of cell types and sources (cell expansion, FACS sorting, cell storage, cell characterization), bioreactor systems for cell and tissue growth and related analytical techniques for functional tissue engineering (e.g., optical microscopy, confocal microscopy, microCT, real time RT-PCR, biomechanical assessments, animal models, mathematical modeling and data analysis).

Protocols developed in the Center are provided routinely to laboratories around the world, to facilitate research and translational progress. Protocols are also published to reach the broader community. The Center helps researchers at any stage in the process, from the design, selection and preparation of scaffolds and bioreactors, to meet routine and specialized needs in these areas, to evaluation of tissue development and function in vitro and tissue repair in vivo. Center services are available to academic, company and government laboratories, to assist in the research and development of novel approaches in the field of tissue engineering, where student needs are given high priority in project assistance and sample preparation.

These services are a central component of our responsibility as a P41 Resource Center and of our support role in the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Community.

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