Services & Training

Services & Training


The Training Program at TERC is focused primarily on assisting members of the Tissue Engineering community to better utilize the many technology platforms developed at the Center. Guest investigators have been hosted within TERC laboratories where they learn cell culture techniques, scaffold preparation and characterization processes, and bioreactor uses. These topics are provided within the scope of operations and integration under the Center's established protocols. The Center has hosted numerous students and faculty from universities and corporate locations around the globe.

While visiting scientists and those utilizing our technologies comprise the majority of the training activities of the TERC during its first two funding cycles, the Center personnel have implemented more formal training opportunities as well in the form of semester-long courses, participation in workshops, and hosting laboratory short courses. Recently, a formal relationship has been established with our Collaborators at Boston's Children's Hospital in order to make training opportunities related to translational and clinical studies available to TERC users, both internal and external.

The TR&D Projects funded through the Center fund a small number of students directly, but the broader impact of external resources brought into the Center in Collaborative and Service Projects leads to a significant number of students receiving training through the Center in some manner.

In each of the TERC institutions, graduate students and postdoctoral associates often mentor undergraduate students and even new graduate students, thereby amplifying the training impact of the Center.


  • Tissue Engineering Course - The courses supported by the Center range from short workshops on specific techniques to a semester-long tissue engineering laboratory course that has been integrated into the Tufts University Biomedical Engineering curriculum, as it has continued to be updated based on the research at the Center. The full Semester Laboratory Course in Tissue Engineering (BME 175) is offered each fall. The course provides a full laboratory experience on tissue engineering techniques - including aspects of stem cells, biomaterials, bioreactors and functional tissues and their characterization. The course is offered every year to 20 students, and taught in the evenings to attract working professionals and part-time students.

  • Summer Workshop - Our summer workshop provides hands-on laboratory experiences in biomaterials processing, stem cell biology, bioreactor design and related topics. The workshop runs from 3-5 days and is usually held in June. Students gain first-hand experience with the techniques while also interacting with students in the program to address research-specific questions.