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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chair's message

Laurie Gaskins Baise

This is an exciting time for Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at Tufts, with collaboration and innovation required to work toward environmental sustainability, resilient infrastructure, and the preservation of human health and safety. Over the past eight years, the department has made six strategic faculty hires and has renovated our laboratories. As a result, current faculty and students are working on cross-cutting global issues including water scarcity, climate change and natural disaster impacts, aging infrastructure, and offshore wind, to name a few.

At Tufts, the strength of our department includes a traditional focus on infrastructure design as well as an emerging focus on data analytics and the integration of human health into CEE’s stewardship of the built and natural environments. We are harnessing the novel use of data to evaluate infrastructure resilience, water diplomacy, and interactions between human health and the environment.

In Fall 2018, we are launching updates to our BSCE and BSEVE undergraduate curricula that will provide additional instruction in data analytics and systems analysis and better integrate our design curricula with the needs of stewardship toward resilient and sustainable engineering solutions. We are excited about the future of CEE at Tufts and are confident that we will continue to educate tomorrow’s leaders and join our extensive Tufts CEE network.

Laurie Baise
Professor and Chair