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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Field of Study: Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Student on a construction site

M.S. Students in Structural Engineering must take the following course requirements:

A full-time student can complete this option (MS-non-thesis) in one year.

  1. Foundations (choose two courses)
    • CEE-123 Advanced Structural Systems Analysis (3 SHUs)
    • CEE-105 Finite Element Analysis (3 SHUs)
    • CEE-106 Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (3 SHUs)
    • CEE-293 Special Topics (3 SHUs)
    • CEE-293 Reliability (3 SHUs)
  2. Structural Design (choose two courses)
    • CEE-124 Advanced Steel Design (3 SHUs)
    • CEE-125 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design (3 SHUs)
    • CEE-129 Bridge Design and Rehabilitation (3 SHUs)
    • CEE-146 Foundation Engineering (3 SHUs)
  3. Numerical Tools (choose one course)
    • ES-101 Numerical Methods (3 SHUs)
    • ME-150 Applied Mathematics for Engineers (3 SHUs)
  4. Professional Practice (one course)
    May be replaced by a technical elective with the consent of advisor.
    • CEE-185 Legal Issues of Engineering (3 SHUs)
    • Engineering Management courses offered at Tufts Gordon Institute)
  5. Seminars (One course — 0 SHUs per semester)
    • CEE-292 Civil and Environmental Engineering Seminar
  6. Technical Electives: (three courses)
    Should be selected with the consent of academic advisor.