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Academic Year 2014-2015

  • Professor Luis Dorfmann has recently published a book describing the mechanical properties of smart materials used in everything from high-speed actuators and sensors to artificial muscles. His book, Nonlinear Theory of Electroelastic and Magnetoelastic Interactions, written with Ray Ogden presents an overview of the fundamental concepts of electromagnetic theory and nonlinear elasticity that can describe these unique properties for soft materials capable of large elastic deformations.
  • The International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM) in Italy offered a short course on Nonlinear Mechanics of Soft Fibrous Materials from July 1-5, 2013. Lectures were given by Ray Ogden, University of Glasgow; David Steigmann, University of California at Berkeley; Federico Salvatore, University of Calgary; Giuseppe Saccomandi, University of Perugia; Michel Destrade, National University of Ireland Galway and Luis Dorfmann, Tufts University. Lecture notes are published by Springer: Dorfmann L, Ogden RW, Nonlinear Mechanics of Soft Fibrous Materials, Springer Wien, ISBN 978-3-7091-1837-5, New York, 2015.
  • Volume 47 (2012) of the International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, edited by Jose Merodio and Luis Dorfmann, is dedicated to Professor Ray W. Ogden in recognition of his transformative research in nonlinear solid mechanics and for being awarded the William Prager Medal by the Society of Engineering Sciences in 2010. This special issue of IJNM contains papers submitted by many of Ray's friends, collaborators and former students form the around the world to congratulate him on his scientific career.