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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • Professor Shafiqul Islam talked to Vox about "Day Zero" in Cape Town, South Africa and what might occur if the city goes dry.

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  • Assistant Professor Jonathan Lamontagne and a group of researchers published findings on the need for a deeper understanding of the Scenario Matrix Framework, the primary technical basis for studying the socioeconomic and policy scenarios used to research climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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  • Associate Professor Daniele Lantagne spoke to Tufts Now about the new Master of Science program in Sustainable Water Management, offered through Tufts Institute of the Environment. 

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  • A group of researchers, including Assistant Professor Amy Pickering, conducted a study on the effects of a combination of sanitation and nutrition interventions in Kenya.

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  • In the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), Associate Professor Daniele Lantagne and Ph.D. student Marlene Wolfe study different methods for handwashing that could be used during infectious disease outbreaks.

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  • Assistant Professor Amy Pickering and colleagues found that unsanitary conditions in markets are a key source of produce contamination in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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  • Research Professor Jack Germaine was elected to the Board of Directors for ASTM International.

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  • On November 28, Tufts is aiming for 5,000 donors, with the help of challenge gifts from donors like Stacey Morse, E77.

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  • Research Associate Professor Jay Borkland spoke to the Boston Globe about building offshore wind infrastructure in Massachusetts.

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