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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • Brian Brenner, Professor of the Practice in Civil and Environmental Engineering, discusses his career in building bridges, teaching, and writing.

    Faculty, Campus news
  • Engineering faculty adopt new strategies to explore the design process through student-focused, hands-on projects—despite restraints imposed by COVID-19.

    COVID-19, Tufts Now, Faculty, Undergraduate students, Campus news
  • The $100 million program will involve a large consortium of wildlife and human disease experts and networks from around the world.

    Research, Research news, Tufts Now, Faculty, Campus news
  • Kim Dao, E21, reflects on the intersection between equity and environmental justice.

    Undergraduate students, Women engineers
  • Professor Shafik Islam advocates for a reliable flood forecasting model that will integrate processes, people, and politics.

    Energy, water, and environment, Faculty
  • Eric Hines, Professor of the Practice and Kentaro Tsutsumi Faculty Fellow in Civil and Environmental Engineering, comments on the development of grid infrastructure for offshore wind farms on the East Coast.

    Energy, water, and environment, Faculty
  • Alum Eric Wilburn helps run a business that directly benefits the people and wildlife in a national park in Mozambique—and hopes it will be a model for others.

    Energy, water, and environment, Alumni
  • The drop in traffic-related air pollution in the Boston area found by Tufts researchers offers lessons for the future.

    Research news, Faculty, Women engineers
  • Professor Steven Chapra, Louis Berger Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Professor David Gute call for the reunion of engineering and public health.

    Human health and bioengineering, Energy, water, and environment, Faculty