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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • In The Conversation, Professor Doug Brugge discusses the importance of regulating air pollution along with Kevin James Lane, an assistant professor at Boston University.

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  • A group of Tufts researchers studied the efficacy of disinfectants in preventing transmission of Ebola Virus Disease.

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  • Research Assistant Professor Natalie Cápiro was part of a workshop at the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP) Biennial Conference in June 2017, focusing on ways that the environmental engineering and science (EES) community can better understand and mitigate the spread of antibiotic resistance.

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  • Associate Professor Andrew Ramsburg and Katherine A. Muller, EG16, developed new, empirical models that enhance the ability to predict dispersivity in laboratory-scale water-saturated and air–water systems of sandy porous media, which can be applied to irrigation models, site remediation, and other cases.

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  • Engineering faculty participate in 12 funded projects through Tufts program.

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  • In the Journal of Infectious Diseases, Associate Professor Daniele Lantagne and postdoctoral scholar Travis Yates examine studies to determine whether household water treatment (HWT) interventions reduce the burden of disease in cholera outbreaks and the risk of disease transmission.

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  • Professor Masoud Sanayei and a group of colleagues created a simple closed form prediction models of train-induced vibration transmission within buildings, focusing on metro stations and buildings in Shenzen, China. 

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  • Professor Doug Brugge discusses his new book, Particles in the Air: The Deadliest Pollutant Is the One You Breathe Every Day, and his research on particulate matter.

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  • Faculty members in the School of Engineering are working with colleagues across Tufts to conduct research in support of the university's strategic research plan.

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