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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • The School of Engineering attracted 4,348 undergraduate applications, up from 4,062 last year.

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  • Triple Jumbo Jim Kaklamanos, now an associate professor of civil engineering at Merrimack College, spoke on the American Society of Civil Engineers' podcast about giving back in honor of the Tufts professors who helped him find his passion.

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  • In Summer at Tufts programs, experience college learning in engineering disciplines and get a sense of campus life at Tufts. Applications are now open for Summer 2019 enrollment. 

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  • The Tufts Community Appeal invites faculty and staff to contribute to their communities at Tufts and beyond.

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  • Complexity of Transboundary Water Conflicts, Enabling Conditions for Negotiating Contingent Resolutions, a new book co-edited by Professor Shafiqul Islam (pictured) and colleague Enamul Choudhury, looks at new ways of resolving transboundary water issues around the world. 

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  • Associate Professor Daniele Lantagne's team combines lab research and fieldwork to improve water sanitation and treatment in emergencies.

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  • Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, who also served as a faculty member and Associate Dean in the School of Engineering, speaks to Dean of Undergraduate Education Chris Swan about the role of engineering in politics.

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  • Tufts researchers worked with colleagues to analyze processes for providing safe drinking water in Syria.

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  • The team, including many engineering students, won its third NCAA Division III championship in five years.

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