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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • Professor Emeritus Richard Vogel will receive the 2020 Ven Te Chow Award from the ASCE Environmental and Water Resources Institute.

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  • Through research in the lab and field, Associate Professor Daniele Lantagne and her team give common intervention practices, like bucket chlorination, a greater chance of intercepting the deadly bacteria.

    Human health and bioengineering;Energy, water, and environment;Faculty;Women engineers
  • Laura Corlin, School of Medicine Assistant Professor and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering alumna, explains how research can aid in measuring the health effects of wildfires.

    Energy, water, and environment;Faculty;Alumni;Women engineers
  • We must take action now even amid uncertainty, says Assistant Professor Jonathan Lamontagne, because the potential consequences of climate change inaction are so severe.

    Energy, water, and environment;Faculty
  • Tufts Graduate Society of Women Engineers received multiple awards from the Society of Women Engineers during the WE19 annual conference.

    Students;Graduate students;Women engineers
  • Tufts University recently hosted the North Atlantic Engineering Leadership Conference.

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  • The Bourne and Sagamore bridges are “functionally obsolete” and well past their lifespan, mirroring infrastructure problems nationwide, says a Tufts engineering professor.

  • Tufts University and the School of Engineering recently hosted a celebration with a lecture by inaugural Tiampo Family Assistant Professor Amy Pickering.

    Human health and bioengineering;Energy, water, and environment;Research news;Alumni;Women engineers;Campus news
  • Roan Gideon, M.S. student in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering, is studying how to increase the global clean energy supply.

    Energy, water, and environment;Students;Graduate students