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Masoud Sanayei
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Sanayei is a leading researcher in the field of bridge structural health monitoring (SHM). In particular, he has worked on the implementation of bridge condition assessment using static and dynamic nondestructive test data in the presence of measurement and modeling errors. Dr. Sanayei has also developed bridge signatures, an innovative nonparametric probabilistic method using operational bridge responses due to daily traffic, for structural condition assessment. He is experienced in all aspects of SHM including design of nondestructive tests, sensor technologies, full-scale nondestructive testing, data acquisition, optimization, parameter estimation and finite element model updating for damage detection, localization and quantification. Dr. Sanayei has conducted a number of full-scale bridge static and dynamic nondestructive tests, modeling, and evaluations including the Powder Mill Bridge in Barry MA.

Dr. Sanayei is also an expert in building floor vibrations and structure-borne noise for human comfort, operation of sensitive equipment, and precision manufacturing. In recent years, the exploitation of air-rights construction has resulted in buildings being subjected to potentially disturbing vibrations and noise from urban rail lines and roadways. Dr. Sanayei has conducted a number of full-scale building floor vibration tests for impedance modeling and vibration predictions including the Boston Convention Center, Hynes Convention Center, TD Garden, and MIT Brain and Cognitive Science Center.

Collaborative research activities of Dr. Sanayei have encompassed academia as well as the professional community. His research findings are widely known in his fields and they have been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals and presented at national and international conferences. Dr. Sanayei earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles specializing in Civil/Structural Engineering.


Ph.D., (1986) Structural Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles
Master of Science, (1980) Structural Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Science, (1978) Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Current Research

  • Bridge Finite Element Model Updating for Condition Assessment
  • Building Floor Vibration Testing and Impedance Modeling for Vibration Mitigation
  • Instrumentation, Nondestructive Testing of Full Scale Structures, Data Acquisition, and Signal Processing
  • Finite Element Analysis and Structural Dynamics
  • Earthquake Engineering

Download PARameter Identification System Software (PARIS) - This structural engineering software performs parameter estimation for finite element model updating using nondestructive test data.

Completed Research


ES 9 Applied Mechanics (Strength of Materials)
CEE 22 Structural Analysis
CEE 105 Finite Element Analysis
CEE 106 Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

CE-22 Structural Analysis Bridge Competition 2012, Breaking Point, from Tufts University.