PARIS© Version 11.0
MATLAB-based Standalone Software

PARIS is a "PARameter Identification System" which uses static or modal measurements for stiffness and mass parameter estimation at the element level. This program is capable of handling two and three dimensional parameter estimation of trusses and frames. It is written in the MATLAB programming language.
PARIS files are compiled in MATLAB compiling language "Pcode" for ease of transport on various platforms without any MATLAB libraries. You need the basic MATLAB program to run PARIS. Data files are kept in MATLAB so you can create other data files or modify these. Run PARIS by calling a datafile from the MATLAB prompt.

PARIS is a program written by Masoud Sanayei (and graduate students) at Tufts University for parameter estimation, model updating and health monitoring of structures.

The above figures are samples of objective function surface plots generated with PARIS.