PARIS© Version 14.0
PARameter Identification System with SAP2000 API Software

PARIS© 14.0 Description

PARIS 14.0 is a custom MATLAB based finite element model updating platform for parameter estimation of full scale structures using measured NDT data. PARIS 14.0 replaces the original PARIS computer program developed at Tufts University between 1997 and 2008. PARIS14.0 is a newly developed program designed to work with full-scale structural FE models made in SAP2000. Unlike its predecessor, it relies on SAP2000 API commands to read and update the parameters of the FE model. It also uses SAP2000 API commands for setting analysis options for finite element analysis in SAP2000 and obtaining results post analysis. In addition to the analytical sensitivity based optimization techniques that it inherits from the older PARIS, it employs advanced optimization features available in MATLAB for fast and efficient FE model updating.
PARIS© 14.0 Flowchart
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