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WATER is all what we think and do. WE REASoN. We integrate theory and practice. We synthesize explicit scientific information and tacit understanding to create actionable knowledge.

Water issues are complex because they cross natural, societal, disciplinary, institutional, political, and jurisdictional boundaries. Our focus is to make these boundaries permeable by engaging and partnering with scholars from different domains to create interdisciplinary actionable knowledge -- through a careful synthesis of theory and practice, analysis and application, satellite and ground observations, and explicit scientific information and tacit societal understanding -- on emerging water issues.

Our group WE REASoN (Water and Environmental Research, Education, and Actionable Solutions Network) emphasizes interdisciplinary research to address complex water issues. An overarching goal of our group is to work on contemporary and emerging water issues with a focus on scarcity and abundance within the context of change, variability and impact.

Our research and educational interests are to understand, characterize, measure, and model water issues ranging from hydroclimatology to hydroepidemiology to water diplomacy with a focus on scale issues and remote sensing.






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