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Student Opportunities with WE REASoN

Graduate and Postdoctoral Opportunities at Tufts University
Research opportunities are available for highly motivated and creative individuals with a strong interest in pursuing interdisciplinary approaches to address emerging water and environmental problems.  Our research emphasizes issues of scarcity and abundance of water over different scales and supports a wide range of emerging problems in the interfaces of water, environment, health, and policy including:

  • Observational data analysis and modeling of hydrologic and climatic processes with a focus on regional and decadal variations in precipitation and stream flow;
  • Impact of climate change on waterborne diseases with a focus on cholera transmission and prediction;
  • Remote Sensing of water borne diseases: Detection and Prediction;
  • Development of Medium to Long Range Forecasting Tools for Water Resources Planning and Management in Developing Countries;
  • Development of AquaPedia: An open access database of water issues and conflicts from across the world.

We are actively seeking to fill several graduate and postdoctoral positions immediately sponsored by grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health.

Desirable backgrounds include earth, atmospheric and environmental sciences, physics, engineering, applied mathematics, geography, and health sciences. An excellent undergraduate program with a solid physical and mathematical background and a desire to develop strong analytical and computational skills (e.g., advanced programming and modeling skills, GIS, processing of remote sensing data) are important. For more information and consideration for a competitive financial package, please contact shafiqul.islam@tufts.edu with a brief description of your educational background, research interests, and how your interests and expertise are aligned with the research problems our group is pursuing





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