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Natalie L. Cápiro
Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Cápiro (PhD, Rice University) is a member of the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) research group in CEE and is also an investigator in the Integrated Multiphase Environmental Systems Laboratory (IMPES).

Email: natalie.capiro@tufts.edu
Phone: 617.627.6015


  • Environmental biotechnology and bioremediation applications
  • Fate and transport of persistent organic groundwater contaminants
  • Development and testing of innovative in situ remediation technologies


Evaluation of Partitioning Electron Donors for Enhanced Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvent Source Zones
Sponsor: National Science Foundation, Division of Earth Sciences: Hydrologic Sciences Program.
Researchers: Natalie L. Cápiro (PI) and Kurt D. Pennell (co-PI)

Secondary Impacts of In Situ Remediation on Groundwater Quality and Post-Treatment Management Strategies
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Defense
Researchers: Kurt D. Pennell (PI), Natalie L. Cápiro (co-PI) and Frank E. Loeffler (co-PI, University of Tennessee)

Development of an Integrated Field Test/Modeling Protocol for Efficient In Situ Bioremediation Design and Performance Uncertainty Assessment
Sponsor: Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)
Researchers: Linda M. Abriola (PI), Kurt D. Pennell (co-PI), Natalie L. Cápiro (co-PI), Eric L. Miller (co-PI), John A. Christ (co-PI, U.S. Air Force Academy), and Liyang Chu (co-PI, Nobis Engineering, Inc.)

Innovative Public Health Engineering Strategies to Reduce Water-Associated Disease Burden in Low-Income Countries
Sponsor: Tufts Institute for Innovation
Researchers: Elena Naumova, Kurt Pennell, David Gute, Natalie Cápiro, Steve Chapra, Magaly Koch, Daniele Lantagne, Alexandra Kulinkina (PhD student), Karen Kosinski (Public Health and Community Medicine), and other collaborators from across the Medford and Boston campuses.

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