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Current Projects

Measurement and Modeling of Nanoparticle Mobility for Advanced Oil Recovery
Sponsor: Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC)
Researchers: Kurt Pennell (co-PI), Linda M. Abriola (co-PI)
Project ID: AEC BEG08-01

The main objectives of this project are to (1) test nanoparticles to assess their mobility and partitioning behavior under representative reservoir conditions, and (2) develop experimentally-validated computational models that describe nanoparticle transport, attachment and partitioning in reservoir matrices, ranging from porous sandstones to unconsolidated quartz sands. Relevant nanoparticles, provided by other AEC researchers, is measured in macro-scale (15 cm to 1.5 m in length) flow systems to examine the effects of system conditions including salinity, heterogeneity, and residual oil content, on particle transport and deposition processes. Integration of the experimental and modeling components within this research project provides a feedback cycle that will inform rational and efficient nanomaterial selection and model development.

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