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Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Seminar Archives - Fall 2016

Monday, September 19
Dr. Shaoyi Jiang
University of Washington

Monday, September 26
Dr. Amy Keating
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Monday, October 3
Dr. Ramanathan Nagarajan
Senior Research Scientist – Soldier Nanomaterials.
U.S. Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center

Monday, October 17
ChBE Ph.D. Students: Todd Chappell, Smitha Krishnan
Tufts University

Monday, October 24
Dr. Robert Davis
University of Virginia

Monday, October 31
Dr. Jose Rodriguez
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Monday, November 7
Dr. Xiling Shen
Duke University

Monday, November 21
ChBE Ph.D. Students: Papatya Kaner, Ilin Sadeghi
Tufts University
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Monday, November 28
Dr. Matthew DeLisa
Cornell University
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Monday, December 5
ChBE Ph.D. Students: Meenal Datta, Eric Liu
Tufts University
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Monday, December 12
ChBE Ph.D. Students: Josef Bober, Anthony D'Angelo
Tufts University
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