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ChBE loses longtime friend and associate Walter Juda (1916-2011)


Walter Juda (1916-2011):
The Department is saddened to learn of the death of longtime friend and associate, Dr. Walter Juda, who served as an adjunct research professor 1992-2006, and again as visiting research professor in 2009. Throughout his career, Dr. Juda had been a pioneer in fields as diverse as ion exchange membranes, fuel cells, hydrogen generators and purifiers, cold fusion and global warming.

A native of Germany, Dr. Juda earned his Ph.D. in physical chemistry in 1939 from the University of Lyon. He founded his first company, Ionics, Inc., in 1948. Ionics used Juda's ion-exchange membrane to desalt brackish water and seawater world-wide, and was bought by GE in 2005. Juda's second company, Prototech Co., launched in 1961 and focused on fuel cells. In 1992 he founded Walter Juda Associates, which was renamed Hy9 in 1998. Hy9 produces membrane-based hydrogen purifiers and generators.

While at Tufts, he collaborated with Professor Jerry Meldon, exploring novel ways of producing hydrogen. He was always a friendly presence in the department, and we were fortunate to enjoy the benefits of his brilliant and active mind.