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ChBE in the News

Nan Yi Named Outstanding Graduate Researcher

Nan Yi was honored as this year's Outstanding Graduate Researcher at the doctoral level at the Graduate Student Awards ceremony on April 29, 2011. A Ph.D. student in the Nano Catalysis and Energy Laboratory, Nan investigates the efficacy and practical application of a new generation of catalyst, namely precious metal clusters (gold, platinum and palladium), for hydrogen production in sustainable energy systems through methanol steam reforming and decomposition of formic acid, two processes that convert raw organic compounds into hydrogen for scalable fuel cells. Nan has published 16 journal papers and presented 12 meeting papers, and has received student awards from several academic societies, including the 2010 Johnson Matthey Student Award from the International Precious Metal Institute, the 2009 Kokes Award from the North American Catalysis Society, as well as competitive student travel awards from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Gordon Research Conferences. He was also one of the recipients of a Tufts Graduate Student Research Grants-in-Aid during Fall 2009.