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ChBE in the News

Panzer Wins Grants for Research on Ionogel Electrolytes for Electrical Energy Storage


Assistant Professor Matt Panzer recently received two grants to pursue research on ionogel electrolytes for electrical energy storage.

"Thin Film Supercapacitors Integrated into Uniforms and Equipment," sponsor: U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center. This project will demonstrate the viability of building flexible, lightweight supercapacitors on fabric substrates using our ionic liquid-based solid electrolyte materials (ionogels) for safe and reliable energy storage.

"Solid Ionogel Electrolytes for Flexible Charge Storage Applications," sponsor: NSF Energy, Power, and Adaptive Systems Program. This work will focus on further development and optimization of our ionogel electrolytes and investigation of the nanostructured electrode/gel electrolyte interface in electrochemical double layer capacitors.