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ChBE in the News

Horowitz and Wang Contribute to Green Chemistry Article

Assistant Professor Matthew Panzer, doctoral student Ariel Horowitz, and Yushi Wang, E12, published a paper in Green Chemistry on a water-based reclamation process for recycling and re-using ionic liquids—a class of materials used as gel electrolytes in energy storage and conversion devices. Greater than 90 percent of the ionic liquid can be spontaneously liberated from the silica scaffold upon water exposure at room temperature. At the laboratory scale, the researchers in Panzer's Green Energy and Nanostructured Electronics Laboratory demonstrated the recovery of at least 70 percent of the original ionic liquid mass. Importantly, reclaimed ionic liquids exhibit nearly identical electrical performance compared to the virgin materials.

"Reclamation and Reuse of Ionic Liquids from Silica-Supported Ionogels Using Spontaneous Water-Driven Separation," Horowitz, A. I.; Wang, Y.; Panzer, M. J. Green Chem. 2013, 15, 3414-3420.