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Gregory D. Botsaris
Emeritus Professor, Research Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Professor Botsaris passed away on September 25, 2014 surrounded by his family and close friends. Read more about Greg's life.


1952 B.S., Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece
1965 Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, M.I.T.

Research Interests and Projects

  • A New Freeze Concentration Process For Industrial Effluents:
    Volume reduction of hazardous industrial effluents by freezing and removing the water as ice. A new process has been developed and tested successfully in our laboratory. The process uses ultrasounds for the nucleation of the ice crystals.
  • Stability Analysis of Industrial Crystallizers and Dynamic-Behavior Simulation in the Laboratory:
    A new laboratory technique was developed to simulate the crystal-size distribution cycling that is observed in large industrial crystallizers. A model explaining the causes of this cycling has been developed and tested successfully in our laboratory.
  • Crystallization of Calcium Magnesium Acetate:
    Calcium magnesium acetate is a chemical with two major potential uses for solving environmental problems. As a road de-icing salt to replace the corrosive and environmentally unacceptable NaCl. As an additive to the coal combustion where it binds the sulfur and reduces emissions of SO2.

    This project involves the development of technology which will lower the production cost and produce crystals of calcium magnesium acetate of the desired type and form.

    Crystals of Magnesium Acetate grown at different conditions:

Selected Publications

"Selective in vitro Effect of Peptides on Calcium Carbonate Crystallization" Chunmei Li, G.D. Botsaris, D.L. Kaplan, Crystal Growth and Design, 2, 2002, 387-393.

"Extraction of Chlorophenols From Water Using Room Temperature Ionic Liquids" E. Bekou, D.D. Dionysiou, Ru-Ying Qian, G.D. Botsaris, American Chemical Society-Symposium Series, Ionic Liquids as Green Solvents: Progress and Prospects, 2003, In Print.

"Extractive Crystallization for the Production of Calcium Acetate and Magnesium Acetate from Carbonate Sources" D.D. Dionysiou, M. Tsianou and G.D. Botsaris, Ind. And Eng. Chem research, 39, 4192-4202 (2000).

"Investigation of the Conditions for the Production of Calcium Magnesium Acetate Road Deicer in an Extractive Crystallization Process" D.D. Dionysiou, M. Tsianou and G.D. Botsaris, Crystal research and Technology, 35, 1035 (2000).

"New Insights into Nucleation through Chiral Crystallization," Gregory D. Botsaris, Ru-Ying Qian, Amy Barrett, AIChE Journal 45(1), 201-203 (1999).