Research/Areas of Interest: polymer processing


Dr. Nakho Sung is currently a professor in the department, stepping down from his tenure as chair from January 2007-September 2010. He was the Director and Founder of the Laboratory for Materials and Interfaces (LMI). Prior to joining Tufts University in 1978, he was a Research Associate and Assistant Professor at M.I.T. Professor Sung's research is in Polymer Science and Engineering, focused on structural composites and multiphase systems. Specific area includes interface science, in-situ monitoring techniques for reactions in polymers and composites, fiber-optic spectroscopy, and sorption/ diffusion of organic molecules in polymeric system. Recently, his research is focused on membrane development for fuel cell and hydrogen purification. He has been a Technical Advisor to SK (Sunkyong) Group in Korea for 24 years, has served as the 30th President of the Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA), a member of National Academy of Engineering of Korea, and also served as the President of the Korean American University Professor's Association in America (KAUPA). He organized many international conferences, delivered numerous invited talks, including Gordon Conference, presented lectures in Korea, and in the Peoples' Republic of China. He has been a member of ACS, AIChE, APS, SAMPE, SPE Adhesion Soc., and N.Y. Academy of Science. He has published about 100 technical papers and chapters, and edited a book, "Science and Technology of Polymer Processing," (MIT Press) and holds two patents.