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Seminar Series

Archives: Fall 2011

Monday, September 19
Karen Vagts, Tisch Library, Tufts University
"Cool Tools and Hot Topics for Chemical Engineers"

Monday, September 26
Gautham Sridharan, ChBE Ph.D. Student, Tufts University
"Modularity Analysis of Biochemical Networks Using Shortest Retroactive Distances (ShReD)"

Yuan Wang, ChBE Ph.D. Student, Tufts University
"Synthesis of active and stable gold and platinum species on non-reducible oxide for the low-temperature water-gas shift reaction"

Monday, October 3
Dr. Howard Herzog, M.I.T. Energy Initiative
"The Challenge of CO2 Capture"

Thursday, October 13
Dr. Dominique Bonvin, EPFL, Lausanne
"Extents of Reaction and Mass Transfer in the Analysis of Chemical Reaction Systems"

Monday, October 24
Dr. Arul Jayaraman, Texas A&M
"Inter-kingdom signaling in the GI tract: There’s a lot of talking going on..."

Monday, October 31
Dr. John Kuhn, University of South Florida
"Unraveling the Secrets of Heterogeneous Catalysis Using Well-Defined Nanomaterials as Model Catalysts"

Monday, November 7
No seminar scheduled

Monday, November 14
Dr. Peter Tessier, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Title TBD

Monday, November 21
Matthew Boucher, ChBE Ph.D. Student, Tufts University
Andrew Fiordalis, ChBE Ph.D. Student, Tufts University

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