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Seminar Series

Archives: Fall 2013

Monday, September 9
Dr. Zhilei Chen, Texas A & M University

Monday, September 16
Dr. Brian Korgel, University of Texas at Austin

Monday, September 23
Martin Son, Tufts University, Office for Technology and Industry Collaboration

Monday, September 30
Dr. Chang Ryul Ryu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Thursday, October 3
Bonus Seminar

Dr. Malancha Gupta, University of Southern California

Monday, October 7
Dr. Jeffrey McCutcheon, University of Connecticut

Tuesday, October 15
Dr. Erik Ydstie, Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, October 28
Dr. Samuel Thomas, Tufts University, Department of Chemistry

Wednesday, November 13
Dr. Paul Dauenhauer, University of Massachusetts

Monday, November 18
Dr. Volodymyr Tarabara, Michigan State University

Monday, November 25
Dr. Kristala Jones Prather, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Monday, December 2
Dr. Michael Betenbaugh, John Hopkins University

Monday, December 9
Ariel Horowitz, ChBE Ph.D. Student, Tufts University
Changqiong Zhu, ChBE Ph.D. Student, Tufts University

Monday, December 16
Sukwon Jung, ChBE Ph.D. Student, Tufts University
Ming Yang, ChBE Ph.D. Student, Tufts University