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We study cellular metabolism and its role in shaping biological function. Metabolism refers to biochemical processes that extract chemical energy from nutrients in the environment, and use this energy to convert nutrients into building blocks for biosynthesis. Metabolism is thus life-essential, and critical for virtually all cellular functions and processes, ranging from biosynthesis to differentiation. Our overarching goals are to gain fundamental insights into the mechanisms that regulate cellular metabolism, and to develop new methods for analyzing and manipulating these systems. The vision is to translate these insights and methods into useful technologies for applications broadly benefiting society. We are particularly interested in developing new methods and molecules to treat metabolic diseases, which have become increasingly prevalent in the U.S., paralleling the rise in obesity. Current research activities fall into four thrust areas, encompassing mechanistic studies, method development, and context-specific applications:

  • 'Bio-prospecting' the gut microbiome
  • Adipose tissue metabolism and inflammation in obesity
  • Metabolomics
  • Methods to simulate and analyze metabolic reaction networks

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