Other Facilities


The CADLab is located in Anderson Hall, 3rd floor, room 314

The CADLab is for the exclusive use of Civil and Environmental Engineering students. The exception to this is if you are taking a Civil Engineering taught class. If you believe you should have access to this lab and don't, please contact Laura Sacco in the Civil Engineering Office (laura.sacco@tufts.edu, Anderson Hall rm 113)

Policies, Rules and Notices

  1. Please clean and neaten up after yourself! Cleaners and wipes are available on the shelves in the middle of the room. 
  2. You may write on the WhiteBoard Wall with Dry Erase markers ONLY! These, along with wipes to clean up afterwards, can be found on the shelves. Please make sure to properly clean all surfaces when you are done
  3. Printing is available through the Tufts University Medford Campus Pay for Print system. If it is not defaulted, select "Medford Public Printing" as your "Print To...". The printer can be found in the main computer lab space. You can add money to your ID or print card on the JumboCash station located in the hallway.

Those who are unable to follow these simple rules will lose access to the CADLab.