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Department of Computer Science

Chair's message

Kathleen Fisher

Dear Friends,

There is so much happening around the department, even during the summer! Construction on a new building funded by the Cummings foundation has started right next door, the Halligan extension was demolished at the beginning of August (the end of an era!), students and faculty are focused on research, summer courses have been meeting, and our four new faculty members have arrived.

As we look ahead to the new school year, we are preparing for students to start in two new graduate programs: Data Science and Computer Engineering. Each of these programs is run jointly with the Electrical & Computer Engineering department.

We're also preparing for fall events including the Tufts Women in Tech Conference in September, the department’s annual reverse career fair, and an alumni event at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in October.  Get in touch to be invited to Tufts CS alumni events!

With all our growth in faculty, in students, in degrees, and in research activity, the job of CS department chair has been growing too, to the point where having someone else help shoulder the load made sense. I’m delighted to announce that Jeff Foster has agreed to serve as CS Department Associate Chair, starting September first.  Jeff will have a portfolio mostly centered on teaching. He will also stand in for me as chair when I am unavailable and assist in other tasks on an as-needed basis.

As always, we are all eager to hear about your lives post-Halligan. Please drop us a line, or stop by if you're in town.

Kathleen Fisher, Professor and Chair
Department of Computer Science
Tufts University