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Department of Computer Science

Computer Science Student Council

Mission statement:

The Tufts Department of Computer Science seeks to foster the intellectual and personal development of our students while building a respectful, diverse, and inclusive community in which all students studying computer science feel they belong. Achieving this goal requires an ongoing partnership between students, faculty, and staff. The Tufts CS Student Council consists of leaders of CS student groups; head TAs from core courses; and members-at-large chosen by faculty and students from a set of volunteers. The group meets twice a semester with the department chair to assess the state of the department, communicate concerns, and identify opportunities for improvement.

CS Student Council Members*

CSX President Colton Wolk
CSLOL President Yashvardhan Sathe
CSLOL Vice President Chris Phifer
ACM-W Vice President Parnian Mokri
WiCS President Alexandra Tsitsiringos
Tufts Girls of Code representative Emily Hu
Tufts Girls of Code representative Alyssa Levine
JumboCode representative Naoki Okada
BSCS representative Ray Rivers
COMP 5 TA fellow David Massart
COMP 11 TA fellow Will Rusk
COMP 105 TA fellow Janny Huang
Member at Large Victor Arsenescu
Member at Large Evan Dietrich
Member at Large Sook-Hee Evans
Member at Large Kate Hanson
Member at Large Jeremy Kanovsky
Member at Large Keenan Rhea

*Updated May 18, 2020

CS Student Council Meeting Minutes

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CS Town Hall Meeting Minutes

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