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Department of Computer Science

Computer Science News

  • Professor Matthias Scheutz is working with a team of researchers to explore ways to equip robots with reasoning tools, a sense for right and wrong, and what the consequences may be of their actions when facing real-world dilemmas.

  • The Department of Computer Science has instituted a new Tufts CS Student Council to further communications between the students, faculty, and staff. The council first met as an official group with Department Chair Kathleen Fisher this fall. 

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  •  The Department of Computer Science thanks their teaching assistants for their valuable assistance and dedication.

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  • Bridge Professor Susan Landau was recently inducted into the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Hall of Fame. 

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  • Eighteen teams presented their projects at this year's hackathon. The winners included a dancing robot, an app to find rental bicycles, and an app that lets you enjoy the same playlist that you heard at a coffee shop based on geotagging.

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  • Engineering faculty participate in 12 funded projects through Tufts program.

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  • Tufts researchers receive AFOSR grant for a new project on autonomous systems.

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  • At the recent AIWS Conference, Professor Matthias Scheutz gave a keynote speech about the potential of AI and robotics technologies and called for ethical provisions for the design of AI systems from the outset to prevent accidental failures.

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  • Professor Matthias Scheutz emphasizes the need for integrating ethics into machine development as humans become more emotionally connected to robots in this story for TechWorld.