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Department of Computer Science

Computer Science News

  • Professor Matthias Scheutz spoke to Austria's Der Standard about the unidirectional emotional bonds that humans can create between themselves and robots like automated vacuum cleaners.

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  • Professor Kathleen Fisher explains how recent developments by DARPA have allowed computer scientists to use mathematical proofs to verify that code—up to 100,000 lines of it at a time—is functionally correct and free of bugs.

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  • On April 10, Tufts alum Sue Decker will deliver remarks and participate in a QA as part of the Lyon Bendheim Alumni Lecture Series. Her career includes multiple executive roles at Yahoo!, and founding new social network Raftr.

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  • Bridge Professor Susan Landau spoke to the New York Times about the security risks associated with creating methods for "extraordinary access" to encrypted devices. 

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  • A group of Tufts students, faculty, and alumni mug for the camera at the Grace Hopper Celebration.

    The Tufts Department of Computer Science is proud to support initiatives that encourage women to pursue computer science at Tufts and beyond.

  • Kathleen Fisher, professor and chair of the Department of Computer Science, will work with other experts to identify and respond to national security challenges posed by artificial intelligence. 

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  • A new undergraduate degree-granting program in data science will be offered within the School of Engineering starting this fall.

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  • A new six-week summer program at Tufts offers additional preparation for international students entering engineering graduate programs.

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  • Bridge Professor J.P. de Ruiter has been elected Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (APS).