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Department of Computer Science

Computer Science News

  • Professor Robert Jacob has been elected Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). At most, 1% of ACM members may be fellows.

  • Professor Diane Souvaine was elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Election as a Fellow is an honor bestowed upon members by their peers.

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  • The Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences is a partnership between Tufts School of Engineering and the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center.

    Research news, Engineering the human-technology interface
  • Mimir Insights creates researcher database for biotech industries.

    Undergraduate students, Engineering the human-technology interface
  • Associate Professor Remco Chang, students, and collaborators at Maine Medical Center created a project to investigate how older men with prostate cancer use visualizations to better understand their own health risk information.

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  • Alvitta Ottley, who recently received her doctorate in computer science, studies visualizations, their users, and how to bring the two together. 

    Graduate students, Women engineers, Engineering the human-technology interface
  • Halligan Hall, the home of the Department of Computer Science at Tufts

    Six computer science students will participate in ten-week independent research projects this summer.

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