I carry extensive teaching experience and industrial experience. Prior to working as an instructor, I worked in Electronic Design Automation industries. I learned how a large codebase is created, maintained, and debugged following best practices for high-quality software design.

I graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with Master's degree, which brought me in touch with very experienced professors. I chose diverse courses in the Computer Science field. I conducted research with Prof. Rajesh Gupta. My thesis work taught me many skills. I bring all that knowledge and experience to my students.

After gaining experience in an academic research environment and industry, I developed a passion for sharing my knowledge and experience with the future generation. I have been instrumental in designing courses like Robotics, Cloud Computing and have been improving other courses that I teach. The project-based approach that I have used in these courses has proved to be very successful with the youth of today and with some guidance, students have surpassed their own expectations of what they could achieve.
I am also pursuing a Doctor of Education from Northeastern University. My proposal is to bring whole student approach to academics and teaching, where students should also be given the tools to manage their stress and improve productivity.