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Department of Computer Science


Students in a Tufts class.

A degree in Computer Science or Data Science from Tufts will lay the foundation for your success, and provide you with the knowledge necessary to become a leader in the rapidly evolving discipline of computer science as well as in other computer-related fields. At Tufts, you'll learn about the challenges and research problems involved in creating new kinds of computer software.

Grounded in interdisciplinary education and research, our students collaborate closely with faculty and peers in project-based work. Tufts provides students with the tools to cultivate their passions academically and professionally in a dynamic and supportive environment. Deeply immersed in both engineering technical work and the liberal arts, Tufts engineers are nimble and adaptable both inside and outside the classroom.

Tufts sets students up for success. Working closely with both faculty members and the Career Center, Tufts students acquire internships and career opportunities in various sectors and locations. A tech hub, Boston is a progressive city known across the globe for its academic and professional opportunity. About 80% of Tufts engineering majors complete at least one internship, and 60% conduct research in their four years here.

We offer two computer science programs: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science through Tufts School of Engineering, and a major in Computer Science through Tufts School of Arts & Sciences. Both programs have a core of Computer Science requirements and provide an excellent grounding in Computer Science. We also offer a minor in Computer Science, and participate in an interdisciplinary major in Cognitive and Brain Science and in three other minor programs: Engineering Management, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Multimedia Arts.

We offer a new data science program. The Bachelor of Science in Data Science is a rigorous program in the theory, methods, practices, and tools involved in using big data for science, business intelligence, and other data-intensive tasks in both science and business. It produces computer-literate data analysts who are well versed in current methods in both computational statistics and machine learning.

Bachelor's Degree

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