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Selected Current Research Projects

  • Collaborative Research: Ultrasensitive Frequency Domain Spectrometer for High Throughput Bacteria Detection in Floodwater
    (NSF, DBI-1760500), PI.
  • Biological Electricity Analysis Using Biocompatible Recording Devices
    (Tufts Faculty Research Award), PI.
  • 3D Electroluminescent Living Cellular Devices (ELICD) for Multicellular Systems Biology Research
    (NSF, CBET-1638753), PI.
  • Fabrication of Wavelength-selective Silicon Avalanche Photodetectors Based on Plasmonics
    (Tufts Faculty Research Award (FRAC), PI.
  • FAST-TRAC: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Advanced Degree Attainment for Low Income Engineering Students
    (NSF, DUE-1564987), Co-PI.
  • Center for Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications
    (NSF, EEC-0812056), 2009 – 2016, Senior Personnel.
  • Millimeter-wave Micro and Nano-Ferrite Circulators Integrated in CMOS
    (NSF, ECCS-1309894), Co-PI.
  • CAREER: Wireless Optical Sensors for High Resolution Imaging of Biological Structures
    (NSF, DBI-0953635), PI.

Past Projects

  • 3D Integrated 80Gb/s SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Electroabsorption Modulator
    (NSF, ECCS-1128479), 2011 – 2013, PI.
  • IDBR: Workshop on Successful Approaches for Development and Dissemination of Instrumentation for Biological Research
    (NSF, DBI-1419538), 2014 – 2015, Co-PI.
  • Workshop on Fostering Diversity in the Design Automation for Emerging Computing Community
    (NSF, CCF-1419422), 2014 – 2015, Co-PI.
  • Collaborative Research: 3D Integrated Imaging Receivers for 10Gb/s Free Space Optical MIMO
    (NSF, ECCS-0823946), 2008 – 2011, PI.
  • Chemical robots: morphing, soft-material robots for covert access
    (DARPA), 2008-2010, Senior Personnel.
  • BRIGE: Multi-spectral, High-frequency Image Sensors for Frequency-Domain Biomedical Imaging
    (NSF, EEC-0824405), 2008-2010, PI.
  • MRI-Compatible Sensors for Functional Brain Studies
    (Tufts Faculty Research Award), Jan. – Dec. 2010, PI.
  • Develop and Assess Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning Modules in Microelectronic System Design to Enhance Student Communication Skills
    (Engineering Information Foundation), Jan. – Dec. 2008, PI.
  • Biomimetic Technologies for Soft-Bodied Robots
    (W.M. Keck Foundation), Jan. – Dec. 2007, Senior Personnel.