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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  • Tufts TRIPODS Institute names graduate research fellows and summer research undergraduates for 2020.

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  • Software developed at Tufts has been successful at identifying COVID-19 pneumonia in more than 99 percent of the X-ray images it processes.

    COVID-19;Intelligent systems;Faculty;Women engineers
  • Tufts alumnus Jim Lawton offers words of advice to computer science students graduating during an uncertain time.

    COVID-19;Alumni;Graduate students;Undergraduate students
  • Three School of Engineering professors have been recognized for outstanding service to Tufts students.

    Faculty;Women engineers;Campus news
  • The School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences honor their graduate students, faculty, and staff each year.

    Faculty;Graduate students;Women engineers
  • Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Engineering, spoke with The New York Times on how A.I. and machine learning systems can be used to prevent equipment breakdowns at airports.

    Intelligent systems;Faculty;Women engineers
  • Associate Professor Mark Hempstead presented two papers at IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture.

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  • Researchers at the Renewable Energy and Applied Photonics (REAP) Lab design an all-semiconductor selective metamaterial emitter for thermophotovoltaic energy conversion applications.

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  • Researchers, including faculty at REAP Labs, use a recently developed growth technique to synthesize germanium quantum dots on InAlAs(111)A.

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