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Archives: 2014

December 18, 2014
Profs. Lasser and Chow Team Up for Mobile Medical Devices and Apps Class
Students in Professor of the Practice Ron Lasser (ECE) and Ming Chow's (CS) engineering class, Mobile Medical Devices and Apps, spent the semester working in teams to develop thermometers, pulse detectors and EKG monitors capable of sending wireless data to an iPad app that displayed patient information in real time. Read more about the unique COMP 50 / EE 93 class in TuftsNow.

September 17, 2014
Alumnus Joel Harley Appointed Assistant Professor
Joel B. Harley, E08, was appointed assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Utah College of Engineering. Professor Harley's research focuses on modeling physical, complex wave propagation and integrating these models with sophisticated signal processing techniques. Congratulations, Professor Harley!

July 17, 2014
Prof. Khan and Doostmohammadian featured on cover of IEEE Journal
Assistant Professor Usman Khan and student M. Doostmohammadian are featured on the cover of the August edition of the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing for their publication of "Graphic-theoretic distributed inference in social networks."

July 1, 2014
Prof. Khan on board of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Assistant Professor Usman Khan has been invited to serve on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

June 11, 2014
Prof. Vandervelde designated OSA Senior Member
Associate Professor Tom Vandervelde has been elevated to the rank of Senior Member of the Optical Society of America.

June 11, 2014
Prof. Vu awarded Office of Naval Research grant
Associate Professor Mai Vu was awarded a grant from the Office of Naval Research to support her work in robust and reliable multi-user wireless communication systems. This project specifically focused on communications in complex environments where there are strict priorities concerning which message must be delivered to different users.

June 7, 2014
Jian Guo wins Joseph Noonan Outstanding Doctoral Research Prize
Jian Guo (aka Jerry) has been selected as the inaugural recipient of the Joseph Noonan Doctoral Research Prize. The prize recognizes outstanding research contributions made during doctoral studies in the department of electrical and computer engineering at Tufts University in the past three years. Jerry graduated in 2012 and is currently working for Apple in Cupertino, Calif. Congratulations Jerry!

June 6, 2014
IEEE Best Student Paper Finalist Award goes to M. Doostmohammadian
Mohammmadreza Doostmohammadian received the Best Student Paper Finalist Award at the 2014 IEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing, and Control (IEEE ICNSC 2014) which is sponsored by the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society.

June 3, 2014
Prof. Sonkusale to Chair IEEE Technical Committee
Associate Professor Sameer Sonkusale has begun his term as the chair of the Biomedical and Lifesciences Circuits and Systems Technical Committee in IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. His chairmanship term is from 2014-2016. The committee is responsible for the activities (including workshops, conferences, and talks) of the the society pertaining to this area.

May 29, 2014
Welcome Jennifer St. Pierre
Please welcome Jennifer (Jenn) St. Pierre to the ECE department. Jenn comes to us from the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health in Manchester, NH where she was director of career services. She has a B.A. in communications from Keene State College and is a freelance graphic designer. We are thrilled that Jenn has joined us and are confident that she will be a great addition to the department.

May 15, 2014
Dr. Robert T-I. Shin receives 2014 Irwin Sizer Award
Dr. Robert T-I. Shin, member of the ECE External Advisory Board, was recently honored by MIT with the 2014 Irwin Sizer Award for the work he has done in establishing the Beaver Works, a model for project-based educational collaboration between the MIT campus and Lincoln Laboratory.

May 8, 2014
ECE/CS Student Team awarded Ricci Prize
For the third year running, students from the ECE Department have been awarded the Stephen and Geraldine Ricci Interdisciplinary Prize. This year, Nana Kwakwa and Alex Henry from ECE in collaboration with Tomoki Shibata, Samuel Hincks, and Daniel Afergan form the Computer Science Department were awarded the Ricci Prize for their project "A wireless device to monitor blood oxygen concentration in tissue to aid in developing an adaptive information delivery system."

April 24, 2014
Prof. Hopwood awarded MURI grant
Professor Jeffrey Hopwood has been awarded a Multi-University Research Initiative grant. The research program will leverage Professor Hopwood's microplasma technology to investigate Plasma-Based Reconfigurable Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials. This proposal focuses on the fundamental science necessary for the development of high bandwidth reconfigurable plasma-based systems for controlling electromagnetic fields. The five-year effort is a collaboration that includes Tufts, Stanford University, Penn State, UCLA, UT-Austin, and the University of Washington.

April 15, 2014
Prof. Lasser chosen as a Tufts CELT Faculty Fellow
Congratulations to Professor of the Practice Ron Lasser who has been chosen as a Tufts CELT Faculty Fellow for the Fall 2014 semester. Professor Lasser has been with the ECE department since 2006 where he has revolutionized the design component of the undergraduate curriculum as well as the introductory circuits class taken by students from across the School of Engineering. In recognition of his outstanding efforts, Prof. Lasser was the recipient of the 2009 Henry and Madeline Fischer Award for Engineering Teacher of the Year. The CELT Faculty Fellows program will provide Dr. Lasser with the opportunity to interact with a small cadre of similarly accomplished faculty from across the University whose focus will be on the continued development of effective learning strategies for our students.

April 14, 2014
Dr. Brian Aull chosen as a Tufts CELT Faculty Fellow
Congratulations to Lecturer Dr. Brian Aull who has been chosen as a Tufts CELT Faculty Fellow for the Fall 2014 semester. Dr. Aull, a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory where he has developed photon counting imagers, regularly teaches the introductory circuits class in ECE at Tufts to rave reviews. The CELT Faculty Fellows program will provide Dr. Aull with the opportunity to interact with a small cadre of like-minded faculty from across Tufts to continue to enhance and develop effective learning strategies for his students.

April 9, 2014
Spring 2014 ECE Newsletter
Read the latest department update from Chair Eric Miller. Download the spring 2014 ECE newsletter >

April 7, 2014
Vandervelde wins Faculty Mentoring Award
Associate Professor Tom Vandervelde was selected to receive the 2014 School of Engineering Faculty Mentoring Award. This award recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding support of graduate students from course completion through research and post-degree placement. The award will be presented at the annual Graduate Student Awards Ceremony on April 25, 2014.

April 3, 2014
Nicole Pfiester Latham awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Nicole Pfiester Latham, a second year graduate student has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Nicole's work focuses on the use of metamaterials to create a selective thermal emitter to enhance thermophotovoltaic efficiencies, opening up the possibility of harnessing energy from lower temperature sources like cars or body heat. The unique properties of metamaterials allows us to tailor the radiated spectrum from the emitter to the source temperature, maximizing the amount of useful photons while minimizing photodiode heating.

March 29, 2014
Ean Wong named Tufts Summer Scholar
Junior Ean Wong was named a Tufts Summer Scholar for 2014 and will be working with Prof. Shuchin Aeron on a project entitled "Controlled Sensing for Behavioral Video Data Streams by EEG data analysis", which will enable economical and scalable analysis of behavior (visually perceptible actions) associated with various EEG epileptic events by reducing the volume of video data recorded by orders of magnitude. This research is in direct collaboration with the EEG monitoring lab of Dr. Chris Dulla who is with Tufts Neuroscience Department.

March 29, 2014
Prof. Shuchin Aeron awarded Schlumberger Technology Corporation grant
Assistant Professor Shuchin Aeron was awarded a Schlumberger Technology Corporation grant for work involving the use of acoustic signals to image around boreholes.

March 25, 2014
Will Lenk Named Tufts Summer Scholar
After a competitive review process, junior Will Lenk was named a 2014 Tufts Summer Scholar. The award provides support for Will's work with Associate Professor Sameer Sonkusale on building flexible electronic devices to monitor chronic wounds. The focus of his work over the summer will be on the electronics platform for sensing, signal processing and wireless communication for variety of smart wound dressing platforms.

February 27, 2014
Professor Khan elevated to Senior Member of IEEE
Assistant Professor Usman Khan has been elevated to the rank of Senior Member of the IEEE, an honor held by fewer than eight percent of more than 415,000 members of this professional society. Prof. Khan is the second member of the ECE faculty to receive this distinction in the last six months and, for Prof. Khan, follows his recent distinction of having won an NSF CAREER Award this past January.

February 27, 2014
Prof. Sonkusale awarded FRAC grant
Associate Professor Sameer Sonkusale was recently secured support from the Tufts Faculty Research Awards Committee in support of his work in the area of characterization of terahertz circuits and devices. The grant will allow for the purchase of instrumentation enabling Prof. Sonkusale's lab to test and evaluate the performance of miniaturized circuits and sensors that operate at terahertz frequencies, a regime of the electromagnetic spectrum of great interest recently for problems in sensing and communications.

February 13, 2014
Professors Sonkusale and Koomson receive NSF award
Associate Professors Sameer Sonkusale and Valencia Joyner Koomson were recently awarded support from the National Science Foundation's Instrument Development for Biological Research program. The funded project is aimed at bringing together a highly interdisciplinary group of biologists, physicists, engineers, industry experts, and government officials to discuss best practices for the development and dissemination of instrumentation for biological research. The event will be held May 1-2, 2014 in Rosslyn VA. Visit the project website for more information.

February 3, 2014
Khan Wins NSF CAREER Award for UAV Structural Health Monitoring Research
Assistant Professor Usman Khan was awarded a NSF CAREER award for his research in remote structural health monitoring of the nation's bridges, roads, and buildings. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are currently being developed to monitor these structures, however their power sources lack the necessary energy for long range transmission of data. Khan's research will enable data collection via Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) that will collaborate with existing WSNs to collect data and inspect structures.

January 13, 2014
Tufts Engineer Featured on NPR for His Vital Hubble Repair
Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering Robert Gonsalves was recently featured in an interview on NPR for his role in solving an imaging problem with the Hubble telescope twenty years ago. Although Professor Gonsalves, an optics expert, had no affiliation with NASA at the time of the telescope's launch in 1990, within a few months he said he became curious about why NASA did not release any photos from the mission. When news finally broke that an undiagnosed problem was causing the telescope to produce blurry photographs, Gonsalves said he thought he may know how to fix the issue. Determined to call NASA himself to discuss his resolution, Gonsalves was in fact contacted by NASA the very next day. After examining blurry images taken by the telescope, Gonsalves discovered that placement of Hubble's mirror and corrective lens needed a small adjustment of 2 microns-roughly one-fiftieth of the size of a human hair. NASA developed a robot to make the extremely precise adjustment that was installed by a crew on the space shuttle Endeavor in December 1993. You can listen to a recording of the interview or read a transcript online.