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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  • While studying abroad in Talloires, France, BEST scholar and electrical engineering major Alejandro Colina-Valeri put his French to the test while communicating with his host family.

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  • Professor Sameer Sonkusale (pictured), Robert D'Angelo, EG17, and a team of researchers published findings on a more efficient and novel algorithm for computer vision processes involving large amounts of data. 

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  • A team of Tufts researchers is developing an artificial intelligence incorporated with computer vision techniques to report nutrient intake.

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  • Associate Professor Usman Khan (pictured) and Sam Safavi, EG17, are part of a research team investigating effective ways to create location awareness for 5G IoT devices.

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  • Tufts researchers including Associate Professor Shuchin Aeron (pictured), and Professors Fiorenzo Omenetto and Eric Miller, are participating in a study that uses sensors to monitor cognitive performance and biomechanics. 

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  • Dean Karen Panetta discussed the importance of K-12 engineering education to get women interested in the field from a young age.

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  • BEST scholar and electrical engineering major Alejandro Colina-Valeri got swept up in soccer fandom in Lyon, France as part of his experience in the Tufts in Talloires program.

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  • Professor of the Practice Ronald Lasser received the 2018 Henry and Madeleine Fischer Award for Teaching Excellence in the School of Engineering.

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  • In a new paper, researchers printed chemoresponsive dyes and chemiresistive inks on paper to develop a "paper-nose" optoelectronic sensor for volatile gases in air.

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