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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  • A team of Tufts Engineering undergraduates won first place in the MakeMIT hackathon, with their battery-operated sensor system to track a cyclist's posture.

    Undergraduate students;Engineering the human-technology interface
  • In the annual Reverse Science Fair, Tufts graduate students — including four engineering Ph.D. candidates — visited Medford High School to share their own research and learn about the high school students' science and engineering projects.

    Campus news;Graduate students
  • Continuing the work they started as a senior capstone project at Tufts, three alumni have filed for a patent on a wireless device that would help secure vehicles and garage doors against replay attacks.

    Alumni;Undergraduate students;Research news;Engineering the human-technology interface
  • The Bruce-Griffey Leadership and Diversity Internship Fund was established to honor alumni Lena Bruce, E92, and Anita Griffey, J90. Through the fund, chemical engineering major Andrade Hendricks received a stipend to intern at New England Biolabs.

    Alumni;BEST;Undergraduate students;Women engineers;STEM diversity
  • Associate Professor Tom Vandervelde has been elected chair of the Optics for Energy Technical Group for the Optical Society of America (OSA).

  • Tufts engineers have invented a chip-sized, high-speed modulator that operates at terahertz frequencies and at room temperature at low voltages without consuming DC power. It could make faster data transmission possible.

    Faculty;Research news;Engineering the human-technology interface
  • In honor of their parents, siblings Maria Giatrelis, E89, and Rich Ferrelli, A85, established the Riccardo and Dora Ferrelli Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund for first-generation Tufts students.

    Campus news;Alumni;Women engineers
  • Summer scholar Anu Gamage, E18, spent her summer developing an inverted pendulum that could continue collecting accurate measurements and balancing itself in the case of a cyberattack.

    Undergraduate students;Women engineers;Research news;Engineering the human-technology interface
  • Mimir Insights creates researcher database for biotech industries.

    Undergraduate students;Engineering the human-technology interface