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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  • X-ray images comparing lungs that are healthy vs. pneumonia and COVID-19

    Software developed at Tufts has been successful at identifying COVID-19 pneumonia in more than 99 percent of the X-ray images it processes.

    COVID-19;Intelligent systems;Faculty;Women engineers
  • Tufts alumnus Jim Lawton offers words of advice to computer science students graduating during an uncertain time.

    COVID-19;Alumni;Graduate students;Undergraduate students
  • Image of Ronald Lasser, Kristen Bethke Wendell, and Jason Rife

    Three School of Engineering professors have been recognized for outstanding service to Tufts students.

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  • The School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences honor their graduate students, faculty, and staff each year.

    Faculty;Graduate students;Women engineers
  • Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Engineering, spoke with The New York Times on how A.I. and machine learning systems can be used to prevent equipment breakdowns at airports.

    Intelligent systems;Faculty;Women engineers
  • Associate Professor Mark Hempstead presented two papers at IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture.

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  • Researchers at the Renewable Energy and Applied Photonics (REAP) Lab design an all-semiconductor selective metamaterial emitter for thermophotovoltaic energy conversion applications.

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  • Researchers, including faculty at REAP Labs, use a recently developed growth technique to synthesize germanium quantum dots on InAlAs(111)A.

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  • Dean Karen Panetta outside of the Science and Engineering Complex

    Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Engineering, spoke with Machine Design regarding the latest advancements in medical device technology and materials.

    Human health and bioengineering;Human-technology interface;Faculty