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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  • The pill is the first known working device capable of non-invasively and accurately assessing the profile of bacterial species inhabiting any stage of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Human health and bioengineering;Faculty;Students;Graduate students
  • Tom Baran and Matt Hirch (E04) create Lumii, a company that uses complex algorithms to place dots of ink to add depth, motion, and chromatic effects to packages and labels.

  • Dean of Graduate Engineering Karen Panetta appeared on "Digital Trends Live" to discuss opportunities for new technology to improve ocean health.

    Faculty;Women engineers;Energy, water, and environment;Environmental sustainability
  • Associate Professor Shuchin Aeron collaborated with mathematics faculty to publish "A randomized tensor singular value decomposition based on the t-product" in Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications.

    Faculty;Research news
  • Engineering staff members and an alumna from the School of Engineering are recognized for their exceptional work at the 13th annual Distinction Awards ceremony.

    Faculty;Alumni;STEM diversity;Learning science
  • Tufts alumni organize an entrepreneurship and technology summit in San Francisco on June 14.

  • Alumna Danielle Vardaro joined Dean of Graduate Education Karen Panetta to discuss their experiences as women in engineering and science.

    Faculty;Alumni;Graduate students;Women engineers
  • Revisit the Engineering Graduate Programs and All-University Commencement ceremonies.

    Graduate students;Undergraduate students
  • Watch the undergraduate and graduate ceremonies online.

    Graduate students;Undergraduate students