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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  • Information regarding the planned instruction modality for spring courses is now available.

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  • Collaboration with Noodle Partners offers 100% online Master’s in Data Science and Post-Baccalaureate in Computer Science programs.

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  • Olive Garst and Christopher Markus worked with hundreds of fellow volunteers to develop a cost-effective ventilator that could be produced quickly.

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  • Tufts will head a global program that aims to stop new viruses from becoming a widespread danger to humans.

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  • Engineering faculty adopt new strategies to explore the design process through student-focused, hands-on projects—despite restraints imposed by COVID-19.

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  • The $100 million program will involve a large consortium of wildlife and human disease experts and networks from around the world.

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  • T-TRIPODS Institute continued its interdisciplinary efforts to advance the understanding of the foundations of data science this summer.

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  • Perspectives from the School of Engineering as faculty hone ideas, practices, and tools that creatively define online learning this fall.

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  • The journal Microsystems & Nanoengineering recently recognized Professor Sameer Sonkusale and team members from the Nano Lab and the Department of Biomedical Engineering for excellence in two papers published by the journal.

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