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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  • We’ve long had more data than we know what do with. That’s finally changing, with assists from Tufts School of Engineering's new B.S. and M.S. programs in Data Science.

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  • Equipment- and training-free textile detectors, developed by Ph.D. candidate Rachel Owyeung, Associate Professor Matthew Panzer, and Professor Sameer Sonkusale, could be used in public health, workplace safety, military, and rescue applications.

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  • Associate Professor Mark Hempstead and collaborators analyze variations in the performance of smartphones of the same model.

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  • Associate Professors Babak Moaveni, Jason Rife, and Usman Khan are developing a mobile sensor network to analyze civil infrastructure.

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  • Alumnus Brian Eriksen, E92 and EG94, helped develop an online service that links people surrendering their dogs and cats with those looking to adopt.

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  • Interested in studying Engineering and learning English in Boston over the summer? Our International STEM Scholars program will prepare you for graduate engineering programs. During the six-week program you will build skills to thrive in graduate school and the workplace, and earn credit hours in a special course taught by faculty from Tufts School of Engineering.

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  • Associate Professor Usman Khan has joined the board of the IEEE Transactions Journal.

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  • Researchers from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering studied methods to support the development of GaAsBi-based devices for mid- and far-infrared applications, focusing on the increasing the fractions of the element bismuth without losing material quality. 

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  • Join us for Engineers Week at Tufts, February 15-22. All are welcome!

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