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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  • Observing earth from thousands of sensor-enabled satellites is generating data and supporting agriculture, forestry, and other sectors, according to Graduate Dean Karen Panetta and IEEE President Jose Moura.

    Energy, water, and environment;Intelligent systems;Faculty;Women engineers
  • researchers working on a wearable device

    Associate Professor Valencia Koomson is developing a first-of-its-kind wearable device to help doctors monitor patients’ tissue oxygenation without requiring access to a heavy power source.

    Human-technology interface;Research news;Women engineers
  • Ph.D. student Margaret Stevens and two faculty members publish research from the Renewable Energy and Applied Photonics Lab at Tufts University.

    Research news;Graduate students;Women engineers
  • Sameer Sonkusale, professor of electrical and computer engineering, discusses the Nano Lab's fully flexible thread-based devices with Fast Company.

    Human health and bioengineering;Research news;Faculty;Graduate students
  • A group of Tufts alumni and faculty received the Best Presentation Award at the IEEE 4th International Conference on Signal and Image Processing.

    Human-technology interface;Research news;Intelligent systems
  • Professor Sameer Sonkusale, Professor and Chair Eric Miller, and Associate Professor Usman Khan

    Three Tufts engineers work with colleagues from the United Kingdom to develop a next-generation sensing system for soil applications.

    Energy, water, and environment;Research news;Intelligent systems;Faculty
  • Associate Professor Mai Vu working out an equation

    Faculty at Tufts and New York University will simulate millimeter wave network systems, which can transmit large amounts of data.

    Research news;Faculty;Women engineers
  • illustration of thread-based transistors

    Researchers at Tufts create transistors and integrated circuits made from threads that combine with thread-based sensors to create fully flexible devices

    Human health and bioengineering;Research news;Faculty;Graduate students;Women engineers
  • Collaborative work leads to new representation of multimodal data sets that is both informationally and computationally efficient.

    Human-technology interface;Research news;Faculty