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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Colloquium Series

Fall 2019

Unless otherwise noted, colloquium will take place on Thursdays at 3:00-4:00pm in Nelson Auditorium (Anderson 112).

September 5, 2019
"Colloquium Kickoff"
Speakers: New full-time faculty Hoda Kushyar, Matthew Woodward, and Felix Huang
Host: Jeff Guasto

September 11, 2019
"Promoting Model-Based Reasoning through Computational Modeling and Simulation Practices"
Speaker: Alejandra J Magana (Purdue University)
Host: Kristen Wendell

September 19, 2019
"Large scale simulation of colloidal hydrodynamics: applications to flows of aggregating particles"
Speaker: James Swan (MIT)
Host: Behrouz Abedian
Abstract PDF

September 26, 2019
"Diffusive Transport in the Vitreous Humor for Ocular Drug Delivery"
Speaker: Satwindar Sadhal (USC)
Host: Marc Hodes

October 3, 2019

October 10, 2019
"The Use of Engineering to Reconstructing Vehicle Accidents"
Speaker: John Zolock (Exponent)
Host: Jeff Guasto

October 17, 2019
Speaker: Keith Brown (Boston University)
Host: Igor Sokolov

October 24, 2019
Dean's Lecture
Speaker: Andy Youniss (Rocket Software)
Host: Jianman Qu

October 31, 2019
Speaker: Zak Kassas (UC Irvine)
Host: Jason Rife

November 7, 2019

November 14, 2019
Speaker: Michael Wiklund (Emergo/Tufts)
Host: James Intrilligator

November 21, 2019
No seminar

December 5, 2019
"Modeling Microstructure Morphology and Concentration Modulation of Bicontinuous Nanocomposite Thin Films During Physical Vapor Deposition"
Speaker: Remi Dingreville (Sandia National Lab)
Host: Jianmin Qu