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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Joint Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering

Tufts faculty have strengths in soft, structural, electronic, computational, and nano materials. From drug delivery to semiconductors to nano-enabled membranes for water treatment, materials science and engineering at Tufts offers graduate students a wide array of opportunities to study and develop materials that will change the world.

The Ph.D. program in Materials Science and Engineering at Tufts uses the Joint-Ph.D. model, where a student has a "home" department in one of the affiliated departments. The student must be admitted to the home department first and then apply to join the joint-PhD program. For those in the Mechanical Engineering program, all of the requirements for the Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. as well as those for MSE must be met. The degree awarded will be a "Joint Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering."

For further and more detailed information about the Tufts Joint MSE Ph.D. program, visit the MSE program site.