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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering News

  • Learn from leaders in the field, hone critical leadership skills, become an expert in your discipline, and get the career you want. Applications are open through May 15.

    Graduate students
  • Student William Liu, E21, was part of a bicoastal effort to repurpose snorkeling diving masks for emergency and operating room doctors.

  • A team from the schools of engineering and medicine worked together to devise a solution to monitor health changes using low-tech methods.

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  • Engineers team up with students from The Fletcher School at Tufts University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology to repair over 6,000 N-95 masks for Tufts Medical Center. 

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  • Tyler Andrews, E13, and two other Tufts alums are competing for slots on the U.S. Olympic marathon team.

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  • Joshua Harvey, E21, has been selected to the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program Class of 2020.

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  • As more women enter the School of Engineering—their numbers equaling those of men in an undergraduate class—it’s clear that challenging opportunities with far-reaching impact are a big draw

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  • Melissa Pickering, Department of Mechanical Engineeering and Center for Engineering Education and Outreach alumnae, discusses how tech should be designed for kids.

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  • James Intriligator, Professor of the Practice, explores a new phase of human-factors design focused not on physical or cognitive factors, but emotional factors.